Oh to be a 3-year-old again...

My soon-to-be goddaughter's sister, Maci Moo, turned three on Saturday. I just love this family. They are so caring, sweet, and Godly. They constantly put others before themselves. The whole family was in our wedding. Tim and I plan on loving this family till we can't anymore!
Maci is just a sweetheart and my whole family was invited to her "Tangled" birthday party yesterday! Rapunzel showed up to the party, and even though Maci knows that her name is Rapunzel, she still insisted on calling her Tangled the entire time. The best part was that the girl who dressed up as Rapunzel was her cousin and Maci had no idea it was her!

Maci Moo.

Took forever to get her to put three fingers up so I could take a picture!

Miss Makayla, Maci's sister. She was such a sweetheart and took care of all the guests.

Me photographing, as usual!! I just love my camera!

Thanks so much for capturing this wonderful side of me!

Today, at church, Maci was dressed in one of the many dress-up outfits she received as gifts. She wanted to be Rapunzel today. Oh, I'm sorry, she wanted to be Tangled today! HEHE

Maci, dressed to the nines, as Tangled!!

God is so good. Tim went to look at an apartment for us today. We really like it and would love to call it our home for the next year and a half. We will know if it will be our home by mid-week! YAY!! Can't wait!!!

God Bless

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