Bad Blogger, Bad!

WARNING: This is a PICTURE-filled post!

I can explain. I've been busy. The week has gone by really fast. Aliens took control of my body for the last five days. Ok, not the last one, but still it has been pretty crazy!
I've been a robot: wake up, go to school, work with the kids, come home, watch my afternoon shows, think about packing for California, go to sleep, repeat.
Like I said: crazy! :]

Today is Good Friday. There's no school = no work. I'm a little bit on cloud 9. 
My brother-in-law and his wife asked the family to come over this morning for Easter Breakfast. It was very yummy and I am so thankful for such loving in-laws. 
While I was there I HAD to snap some photos of my sweet, adorable nephew, Peter. I gave him a little chick for Easter. It's just as cute as he is! 

Peter holding on to that chick for dear life. 

His mommy put out some pots for him to "drum" on.

Grandma and grandpa are here. 

Grandpa telling Peter about life.

Grandma trying to get Peter to get the ball on her head. He wasn't seeing it, poor thing. 

She just loves that kid.

Peter matches his toy. Toy Story PJ's and car.

I kept snapping photos of him. He got curious and started playing with my shoe.

Still curious.

Me in the bathroom. Can't really tell, but I mixed up my new Avon make-up. Maybe it will be my new thing?!

After my yummy breakfast I went on over to my aunt and uncle's house. The whole family was in the backyard planting and grooming. They are some crazy people: working in the yard on a 90 degree day. Yeah, right. :]
But, they are fun to listen to, talk with, and watch. While I was there I took some photos. Duh, did you doubt I would?!

Pretty sunflower.

My "mint" toes and my new purple shoes. I just love a sale.

One of their turtles eating some yummy lettuce.

He is so prehistoric looking. Crazy turtles.

Minnie the dog with her cat. They love each other.


Uh-oh. They be dead.

Even after having this tattoo for over three years, I still love it. 

Look what came in the mail today!!

These are fabulous shoes. Burlap is the new thing!

The best part about these shoes is that for every pair that you buy they will give a pair to a child in need. One for One.

I can't wait to wear them ALL THE TIME!

Oh, and I also have these:
I just love the light pink look of them.

God Bless

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