Sometimes we have too much fun...

This past Sunday my family and I went to the Martin's home for lunch. It was fabulous. The girls love to play with us and the food is always scrumptious. The Martin's are some of our dearest friends. The whole family was in our wedding: Jeremiah was Tim's groomsman, Anne Marie was my bridesmaid, and Makayla & Maci were our flower girls. 
A few months ago, when they first found out they were pregnant, they asked us to be the baby's godparents. We were so blessed by this opportunity. How sweet and trusting of them to pick us to help guide their child through life. Tim left for BMT and a few weeks later Anne Marie invited me to the ultrasound appointment where they find out whether it's a boy or girl. Sadly, Tim wasn't there. But, God is good. I was filled with such love for that family. It's a girl: Miley Jo, and she is going to be spoiled and so loved. Jeremiah is one lucky man to be surrounded by women for the rest of his life. :]
I know that Tim and I are going to try our best and through God's love we will be there for sweet, little Miley.

Anyways, back to Sunday lunch. :] Here are a few snapshots I took of the afternoon.

 Daddy was taken upstairs by Makayla. They played pretty pretty princess for a very long time.

Then, when they were done, they cam down stairs. Daddy won. He is the PRETTIEST princess of all.

The yummy shogun that Jeremiah and Anne Marie made. 

Dustin is so loved by those girls. Isn't he pretty?

Miss Maci dressed in her wedding dress waiting for Dalton to marry her. Poor Dalton doesn't know what is coming. :]

As you can see-----we had FUN! Thank you Martin family for hosting us once again!

God Bless

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