Excuse me, it's April?

I thought we just started March. Jeepers. 

Moving on to more important news!

This is my uncle Clark and my brother.

Clark is mean. Why would I say such a thing about my sweet, sweet uncle? Because he played a nasty April Fool's joke on us and got us! Grr.

So, as everyone knows, yesterday was April Fool's. I truly, deeply despise this day. I am Gullible with a big ole fat G. I know it. And when Clark emailed mom yesterday morning saying that Nee Nee's (my grandmother) car had been stolen, I believed him. I thought to myself, "I told them not to park it outside the house. Of course it would get stolen. I wonder what's going to happen now? Was there anything valuable inside?....." For about an hour all I could think about was that stupid car. Then, mom texts me to let me know that she called Clark to get all the details and well, he said, "April Fool's!" 
I laughed for all of a second and then I was mad. :]
I should've known I would get fooled. Duh, I'm Charlotte. 
You know what this means?! War! Everyone just wait, wait until next April and we'll see who's laughing. :]

EEK! Now I've got to get planning on my BIG April Fool's joke. Crap. :]

God Bless


  1. Too many people are too mean to you! Next person that's mean to you has to deal with me and the capabilities of the United States Air Force! :)