I love my Timmy and he loves me. How do I know? Because when he talks about us being together in California, all he cares about is that I'm there. He could care less about what the apartment will look like, what I'll be doing once I get there, and the many other things we'll do. All he cares about is that we will finally be together. He is so kind and generous. Loving and sweet. Strong and resilient. 

We have had a long journey together. From the moment I got to Texas A&M, Fall 2006, to now, March 2011. We have grown together, experienced hardships together, and learned to truly love together. 

I thank God that He placed such a wonderful man in front of me who will take care of me and love me for the rest of my life. 

Tim is such a provider. He willingly and lovingly provides for everyone around him. Even those that don't deserve his support and help. I wake up each day knowing that someone is there to love and take care of me. Isn't that what everyone in a relationship wants to know? I know, 100%, that Tim will never let me down. He will never leave my side. 

The Air Force has taken him a thousand miles away, but he is being loyal. He is loyal to me by taking care of me, and loyal to his country by serving. 

I love him more each time that I talk to him. He is such a wonderful man of God, lover of all, friend of many.

This is Tim's favorite verse. He started doing youth ministry when he was young {I know he is still young, but I mean 17 years old young!}. He always told me that this was the verse that described his life best. 

1 Timothy 4:12

Isn't he handsome?!

Ok, I'm done being mushy-gushy. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

God Bless

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