Oh how I despise Photoshop...

Well, not really. I actually think it's pretty awesome--I just can't work it. Timmy said he would show me some stuff before he left, but of course we were planning a wedding and getting ready to be apart for 8 1/2 weeks.
So, I know very little. AND the things I do know are because of a few, very hard to understand, tutorials that I found online.

Pioneer Woman is one of my new favorite websites. She does everything: cooking, homeschooling, photography, traveling, and so much more. She also understands how hard it is to understand photoshop and all the different layers you can add. So, she kindly made some awesome photoshop actions. I can handle doing these with little help from tutorials.
These are the two that I really like.

This one is the vintage action:

This one is the seventies action with burned edges:

Aren't they just awesome? You can click on each photo to make it bigger and really see how they look.

Unfortunately, this is basically all I can do. I will slowly figure the rest of photoshop out. But, until then I will use these awesome, FREE actions from Pioneer Woman to tide me over.

On a different, sweet note, I received a Timmy letter yesterday. It was 5 pages of love and mushy gooshy stuff all for me! He went on and on about how excited he is to see me and the entire family next weekend, but to pray for him and his flight during the next two weeks. They have a lot of tests and inspections that they need to pass to graduate!

Also, Timmy's flight photo was posted on the BMT facebook page today. Do you know what this means? It means that his graduation is next weekend. YIPPEE!!

Like anyone could tell who their Airman was! HA! But I will get the high resolution photo CD when we see Timmy next weekend. Can't wait to play around with pictures of Timmy!

By this time, 5:00 p.m. next Thursday, I will have been in my Timmy's arms for many, many hours! EEK!

God Bless

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