Cute frames...

I just love the website Shabby Blogs! It's where I got my blog background and a lot of the cute buttons and frames I use! They also have a blog where they give away exclusive art and cute things for your blog. Well, I was surfing some past posts and came across this cute frame freebie. You can download all the colors here!

Aren't they just so cute!?

Well, I experimented with them and came up with this cute Wedding Set!
I just love how it looks!

The website I used to put the pictures in was FotoFlexer! AND, the sweet ladies from Shabby Blogs posted a tutorial on how to add the pictures to something like this frame set. And here is the tutorial!

They made it super easy and fool proof! HA!

Last night I received a Timmy call. It was wonderful. He was actually calling to inform me about the new security measures that the base has implemented, but I already knew everything so we just chewed the fat for 35 minutes! Awesome, right?! And to top it all off, I get to see him in like 5 days! OMG! He was so pumped. He took his final PT exam yesterday morning and passed and then took his EOC exam this morning. He said he might be able to call me for a few minutes tonight while he has base liberty {getting to roam around the base for a couple of hours}. YAY! I'll find out then if he did awesome on his EOC exam! Pray for him in his last week at Basic Training!

AND--I know, more--this afternoon starts my Spring Break! WHOOP! I love working at an elementary school!! YAY! I pray that everyone has a safe and fun Spring Break!

God Bless

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