Crazy about headbands...

I cut my hair a few weeks ago and adore it. But, there isn't much I can do with my short cut. Now, I can still put it in a ponytail and bun, but no braids or cute up-do. So, I have decided to try out headbands. I was talking to my sister-in-law, Wendy, who also has a short hair cut. She and I were complaining about how the headbands we buy at the store always hurt our heads, so much so that it gives us headaches. That got me thinking. I love headbands, there are so many cute ones out there these days. I WANT TO WEAR THEM WITHOUT GETTING A HEADACHE! So I'm going to make some before our trip to San Antonio this week. 

I follow the cutest most inspiring blog everyday. Jones Design Company has inspired me to do many things. She is crafty, a mother of four, follower of Christ, and a beautiful decorator. One day I pray that I am as humble, content, and organized as she is. Moving on--she has inspired me to make my own headbands! In her shop she sells headbands and name & art prints. She is soooo talented! Well, I love the headbands! They aren't made with thick elastic, but thin, comfortable elastic. So, I'm going to Hobby Lobby this afternoon to buy some of that awesome elastic and use some of the crafty things I've already acquired to make some uber cute headbands for me to wear!

These are the three headbands that she has for sale in her shop:

I adore this fabric ruffle one the most. I'm going to try and make one similar.

Once I have attempted the headband I will post pictures and "how to" the way I did it!
Can't wait to be crafty.

Well, on a Timmy note--I didn't receive a call last night. He said that he might have base liberty and would find a payphone and ring me up to say, "I love you." But, after hanging on to my phone for dear life all day yesterday, there was no call. That's ok--I get to see him in 5 days! Jeepers--I'm beaming with excitement! But, there is still a lot of stuff to do before we leave for San Antonio on Wednesday. I still need to pack, make these cute headbands, buy some toiletries, paint my nails, and probably many other things that I can't remember right now.

Before I go I want to share this new blog that I have been reading and loving for the past few weeks: Enjoying the Small Things. Once you go over there and start reading you will understand why I adore it so much.

Until tomorrow!

God Bless

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