I've been a bad blogger. It's been two days since I last blogged! In my defense--one day was a Sunday {the day of rest} and yesterday was a lounging day/packing day!
Anyways, you are probably wondering how my headbands turned out----FABULOUS!!!

These are just 5 of like 20 that I've made.

Mom and I headed to Hobby Lobby on Saturday and all their ribbon was 50% off---so I bought a ton! The elastic is the 1/8 inch size and I got it in black and white! {I already need more!}
So, the headbands were a success--and they keep me busy. I might be selling some on my own or mom's etsy site! Be on the lookout!

In other news--yesterday was our 2 month wedding anniversary--can you believe it?! It just blows my mind how fast these last 2 months have gone by---so glad they didn't drag on. 

We leave tomorrow morning really early for San Antonio--Timmy's BMT graduation! We won't actually get to see and touch and hang out with Timmy until Thursday afternoon, but still!!!
I am so excited--I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Timmy called on Sunday afternoon while I was trying to pack some stuff for the weekend. He told me that his MTI gave them until 3:30 that afternoon to hang out on the patio, use the pay phones, get a drink from the soda machine, and chill. Well, Timmy got a Diet Coke and called his woman using the awesome phone card his parents gave him! We talked for an hour and a half. It was fabulous. That was the longest we had ever been able to talk so it was easier to just, well, talk. All the other calls are rushed with saying I love you or how are you doing? But this call was just us chewing the fat like he wasn't all the way in San Antonio! Awesome! He called me again at around 7, but we only talked a few minutes before his parents called him back {he tried them before me}. So glad I was able to talk with Timmy!

While we are in San Antonio I will try to blog about all that is happening. But, those posts might have to wait until I get back on Sunday! We'll see. I can promise you there will be TONS of pictures!
Until then...

God Bless

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