life: owning a dog...

Up until June I had never owned a dog animal. Now that we have sweet Jack I can't imagine a life without a dog. Now that I've said that, let me tell you some of the things I've learned.

1. dogs have accidents in the house sometimes. they can be trained. but it happens. and, guess what, it can be cleaned.

2. dogs shed. a lot. and Jack is black. fun times.

3. puppies like to play. they are puppies. oh, and their play isn't like, "throw the ball to me mommy!" no, it's "i'm gonna bite your hand and foot now. hope that's ok." turns out you can also train them to stop that. huh.

4. not all doggies run and pounce their food bowl when you fill it. Jack is a grazer and eats his food slowly throughout the day.

5. puppies chew things. anything and everywhere. this is also something you can train them not to do. 

6. loose leash training sucks.

7. doggies lick everything. doesn't matter what it is they will lick it. including this computer that i'm typing on. all. the. time.

8. Jack loves to be brushed. he friggen purrs. 

9. doggies are great snugglers. this is my favorite.

I'm sure I'll learn a ton more. 
Enjoy and God Bless!

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  1. I so can relate! I've been meaning to write more about Avery and what I've learned since he's my first dog too. I literally cried a couple times the first 2 weeks having the puppy home. I was so frustrated with the potty training that I just didn't see any improvement. But now I love having our dog and the cuddles!