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We moved to Maryland in the middle of June. I had applied for teaching jobs as early as March, since I  had already submitted my paperwork for my Maryland Certification. It took FOREVER to get my certification, but it finally came at the end of July. 
But, I still didn't have a job or had any interviews. In Maryland, the districts are divided by counties. So I applied for a job in my county and the surrounding counties. Still nothing. My father-in-law (a former principal), my mother-in-law (teacher/presenter extraordinaire), my parents (just plain ol' smart), AND my hubby (brilliant and raised by educators) all suggested that I stop by the nearby elementary schools to meet the principals and drop off my resume.
I went to the district website and looked up the schools in my neighborhood. There is only one elementary school. I got all pretty and drove over there. I asked to see the principal and WAHLA, there she was, nice as can be, and very impressed that I took the initiative to come by the school and drop off my resume (thanks Y'ALL)! She said they didn't have any positions at the time, but she would keep my resume just in case. 
I left and got in my car, and as I was leaving I noticed a school across the street. I drove over there and it was ANOTHER elementary school. Apparently the district is divided into smaller districts and this one wasn't "in" my neighborhood on the map. The principal wasn't there, but I left my resume anyway. This all happened two Mondays ago.
Last Monday I get a call. 
It's the principal from the first school.
A teacher had to leave because of a family emergency.
Can I come in for an interview?
Why yes, I can!
The interview was great. Probably the least nervous I've ever been. 
30 minutes after arriving I'm being asked to join the team as a 3rd grade teacher!
For the next few days afterwards I was at inservices and signing paperwork.
But today, I am at the school for my first day! The kiddos come in on August 19th so I need to get my room all ready!
I plan on posting before and after classroom pics as soon as I get my key!
I am a little nervous to be teaching 3rd grade (since I've only taught 1st and 2nd), but know that I learn fast and am very flexible.

God is great and is truly looking out for the hubby and I during our Air Force adventure. 
I miss my last school and colleagues so much! I learned so much from those two years and will forever be grateful for all they did for me!

Have a FANTASTIC day and God Bless!

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  1. I KNOW everything will fall into place and you will have a wonderful school year! God is good!