life: Jack got a sister...

The hubby and I have been talking about getting Jack a puppy friend for a while. We knew that at some point I would go to work and we didn't want him to be all alone all day long. 
We went by WARL on Tuesday so that Jack could play with a 7 month old black lab mix girl. But, they didn't play and she seemed like she wanted to be boss, which we don't need.
I then went and looked in the small dog/puppy room. In one of the kennels there were two or three black lab mix puppies. We had seen one of them a few days ago. So they brought her out to play with Jack. They went crazy with all the playing that was going on. Within minutes they were best buds. 
Because we had already adopted from there before the process was simple and we were able to bring her home that night.
We named her Lady and she is around 3 months old, but we are still not sure on that. The vet said we would know her age for sure once she starts teething.
She's adorable and Jack loves her to death!
YAY for more house training, but it'll be all worth it!
God Bless!

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