Life: Now that the hubby is home...

As you know my sweet hubby surprised me by coming home two weeks early. He got me good. It's been a week and a half now and we have done SO much in that short time it's friggen amazing. I have yet to be bored. 
1. Right after he surprised me we went to see our sweet friends in The Little Mermaid. It was adorable and they were both so good! 
2. Hubby took me to buy a computer. Love that man!
3. I've been sick and still am. Ugh!
4. CSTs started last week and ended TODAY! Praise Jesus!
5. Hubby and I have been walking. A lot. Thankfully the walk is beautiful. 
6. Tried the margarita at Chipotle and it was yummy. I suggest you go out and get one. NOW!
7. This happened...
8. Then THIS happened.
I think we like it. Ha!

We've been quite busy. Jeepers. Sorry to overload you with pictures. More writing next time.

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God Bless!

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