Life: This totally happened today...

First off, I can't believe how long it's been since I last blogged. I went back to blogger after using wordpress for a year or so. Wordpress was fun, but I really missed blogger and all the customization. Best decision I ever made. I just love how my blog looks now. 

So, today was quite a day.
1. I am sick. Not just "suck it up Charlotte, you'll get through this without any meds" sick. No, I've got a cold that is kicking my ass. I haven't felt this sick in years. It started after school yesterday and has just been getting worse and worse. I was in bed early and didn't want to get up this morning. But, I had to...I'm a busy lady, you know. 

2. My sweet hubby has been in Texas for training since November. I saw him over Christmas when we both went home. But other than that we have been apart. Thank the Lord for FaceTime and modern technology. He was going to be done and back home with me in two weeks, but he surprised me today and arrived early! He arranged for me to be at a restaurant for a "meeting" with someone today, but little did I know he was actually the person I was meeting. He arrived in his ABUs and had a waiter videotape it. I was so excited and surprised! He was so sneaky. I had been talking to him for the past few hours having no clue that he was actually in between flights. I love him more than life and this entire day has been just wonderful. He is such a sweet man.

3. Now that hubby is home we went out-and-about. We have been talking about buying me a laptop since I want to be able to blog/create/work from anywhere. I have an awesome desktop that I just adore, but I wanted more accessibility. So...my sweet hubby took me to the apple store and bought me a 13 inch MacBook Pro for my 25th birthday. I know my birthday isn't for another month, but hubby was trying to be ubber sweet and it worked. 

4. I finally took some dayquil and am feeling much better.

The end and God Bless.

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