A bun in the oven...don't get any ideas!

Saturday was my dear friend Anne Marie's baby shower for sweet baby Miley! She got lots of diapers, lots of wipers(as Maci, Anne Marie's three-year-old, called Huggies Wipes), and lots of cute clothes! I was so glad to finally give Anne Marie this dress that I made for Miley to come home from the hospital in!

Here are some sweet pics from the shower!

Diaper cake!

Anne Marie and her girls, Makayla and Maci!

They yummy cupcakes that I made!

The pretty kiwi!

Makayla ended up winning this game! She caught everyone that said "baby!"

Maci loved her cupcake!


Anne Marie and Makayla opening the present from Tim and I!

We gave them three adorable onesies and the two sweet dresses that I embellished! 

The super cute dresses!


Then, after almost everyone had left, Anne Marie brought out a present from her and Heather. FOR ME! It was filled with stationary, stamps, pens, and writing-letters-goodies! She said that I better write them everyday because they are going to miss me so much. I just love them and they are so sweet to think of me.

Opening the gift!

Showing everyone the neat "H" stamp from Hobby Lobby!

I just love her. I'm going to miss her and her sweet family so much!!!

At the end of the event we got all the hostesses together with Anne Marie and Makayla!

I only have three weeks until I'm out of the Valley. I will be moving to California for at least the next year and a half. Many visits home and from friends. FYI to all family and friends: we will have a bed, a couch, and a blow-up mattress to sleep on if you ever want to visit!

God Bless

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