Oh for the love of a love story...

I'm a sucker for romance novels. I read the back cover and am hooked most of the time.
The other day, well actually a few months ago, The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, published a book about her real life love story. It's called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. Isn't the name just the cutest? It took me a while to finally cough up some money to buy it (half.com had it cheap). It arrived yesterday in the mail and last night I started on a wonderful journey into the love story of Pioneer Woman and her Marlboro Man. I'm already to page 40. I'm HOOKED! 

Isn't the book cover so unique?

Anyways, in other less romantic news: Timmy is getting his wisdom teeth pulled today. I shouldn't say pulled. The dentist is "surgically removing" them. So, that means Timmy is GOING UNDER! He has to be escorted back to his room and can't leave for the rest of today and I believe tomorrow because of the meds he'll be on. I love him to death and am scared for him, but I went through the same exact thing when I was 15. I think he'll be fine at 24. :] But, please say a sweet prayer for my Timmy. 

God Bless

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