Now I want to marry photoshop...

Remember those awesome photoshop actions that I got from The Pioneer Woman? Can you tell I'm a little addicted to her? I read her blog, am reading her book, and use her photoshop actions all the time. She is just fabulous!

Anyways, the photoshop actions are so wonderful!
1. Because I can't really work photoshop, still.
2. All I have to do is click one button, instead of a billion.
3. They are exquisite and make my pictures look professional.

Well, I was reminiscing and looking at my wedding photos. I took a few of them and messed with them in photoshop. 

Here's how they turned out:

They are just what I want them to look like. The Pioneer Woman is a genius!
I can't wait to be in our own place so I can print some of these in 8x10s and hang them everywhere!

I have some news: Timmy was sweet enough to tell me kind of at the beginning of his tech school(aka yesterday) that I can't talk about what he's doing, where he is, and anything about tech school. So, forget what I've said so far and just know that he's somewhere, doing something, and I get to join him there at some point. 

Kind of sad, but whatever the Air Force wants the Air Force gets. 

Timmy did have his wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday and he is still recovering. Poor thing has really puffy cheeks and some pain. Please pray that he recovers fully by this week.

God Bless

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