I love my mommy so much that I...

...help her with her estate sales. They need the extra eyes to keep watch of all the precious things. hehe
So, on Monday I helped out by sitting behind the jewelry case and making sure nothing escaped.
It was fun and I will be helping out on Friday and I believe Saturday.

Here are some pics of the house and the stuff:

This awesome table is a card table with small shelves underneath to hold your drinks.

The homeowner had a ton of Christmas loot.

Daddy misspelled fridge. :]

Had to take one of these.

And again...

The one shot I got of my dad. He was all over the place. :]

Pretty roses from our front yard.

Pretty mommy.

Pretty Nee Nee.

Until tomorrow.....which is mommas birthday!! Can't wait to celebrate with her!
God Bless

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