Who doesn't love getting stuff in the mail?

For days I have been getting special things in the mail. With my NEW name on them. Now, they aren't all for me, but they are still in my NEW name. I've received a shirt for Timmy's graduation, the sign for Timmy's graduation, letters from Timmy, Peter's first birthday present, notebooks that I ordered, and now I'm waiting for two more shirts for Timmy's graduation. Fun, fun, fun!

On a different note! I cut my hair. I grew it out a bit for the wedding so that I could do something to it at all. Well, it got long and had a ton of split ends. Here are the before and afters:

Before. Longer than long.

After. Cute and short. I hope Timmy likes it!

What do you think?

Anyways, before I go I wanted to share something new I'm going to start doing. At the end of each blog post I will leave a bible verse that has touched me that day. I pray that it touches you as well.

God Bless

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