As you all may know I am the proud aunt of an almost one year old nephew, Peter. He is the best and cutest baby ever. I have loved him since he was a, "Guess what?! We're pregnant!"
Anyways, last night the family, excluding Tim and Libby, joyously watched him walk a few steps between his mommy and grandma. It was awesome. He is getting so big and I know that he will reach his momma's goal of walking to Uncle Tim at his graduation March 17th!
Here he is:

On another note, I haven't been feeling 100% the last few days and I'm praying that it all goes away by 2 weeks from today when......
March 17th is approaching fast and I am becoming more giddy with each day!
I received a Timmy letter yesterday that gave me goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach. He is the best hubby ever and the sweetest writer. Love you babe!

God Bless

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