Shhh, don't tell...

Our nephew, Peter, is turning 1 on March 20th. While we are at Tim's graduation weekend we are going to celebrate this cuties birthday! Before Tim left he told me to make sure and make a photo book for Peter's first year to give to him and his parents, Andrew and Wendy, on his birthday.
So, being the good wife I am, I made the photo book. And, can I just say, it was the coolest thing I have ever done. I did it through iPhoto on the macbook, but you can make one anywhere these days.
I think it turned out perfect and I pray that Andrew and Wendy love it as much as I do!

Here are a few pics of the book:

This is the front cover. So far everyone that has seen the book adores the front cover!

I wrote a sweet note to Peter that he can read when he's older.

I just loved this photo. So sweet!

I made sure and inserted pictures from the wedding. They came out so good in the book!

The last page of the book is fun. I hope his parents laugh as much as I did when I was writing it!

HEHE. He has something on his cute lil' face!

So, tell me what you think? Are they going to love it, or what?! But, shhhh don't tell them what they {Peter, Andrew, and Wendy} are getting!!!

On another note--I got a Timmy call yesterday! He said that his flight didn't get BEAST Excellence, but he said they still have time to get warrior flight! He was so excited that our time together is almost here! He said he is going to look HOT in his dress blues! Can't wait to see them on him. We are all so ready to see him. We have shirts ready, a sign ready, and a surprise for him ready! Anyways, I just loved hearing his voice. He was so pumped! Praise the Lord for a safe and healthy Timmy!

God Bless

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