Wow. Time has flown by!

Umm. So I have been a wee bit behind on my blogging. Oops!
The first six weeks of school is already over and I have been in the first grade classroom for 33 days! YIKES! I'm only in there for a total of 60--sad that it's halfway over!

On a more stressful note, I am taking my ESL Certification Exam on Oct 16th and studying for the exam has been hard. There is a lot of information that I "might" need to know, so therefore I learn it. To top it all off, I took two classes in college that filled my brain with all this information over a year ago. Wish I had taken this exam right after I took the classes. Oh well.

We are still waiting to hear back from the Game Warden's about Tim's possible job offer. It is hard to just sit and wait, but waiting--patiently--is what we have been doing a lot of. Mom pointed out to me yesterday that I am being very optimistic about the whole thing. We were at the doctor's office and she made a comment about a poker game in January...and I pointed out to her that there wouldn't be a poker game because Tim wouldn't be here. She was touched that I was already so sure that he was going to be in training come January. Well, I believe in my Timmy and I know that God has great plans for us and He will guide Tim and I where we need to be job-wise.

My little first graders are just bunches of joy. We had a bad student for about three weeks and then, well, he transferred to another school. God was looking out for us :]. My mentor teacher is great and super willing to let me show her and the students new things. I am getting a lot of hands-on experience and the students already think of me as "just another teacher."

I ordered my graduation announcements a few days ago. Jeepers--I remember addressing my high school graduation announcements. Time is going by so fast. Sometimes I just want it to slow down just a bit.

Well, I believe that is all for now. I'll leave you with a few awesome pictures! :]

Me, at dinner with the Martin's. Makayla, 5, wanted me to wear her diva glasses. Don't I look like a diva?

Timmy at Target in the dollar section. That is a witch hat headband. A-freakin-dorable!

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