life: U-haul has ruined my move to D.C.....

For the past month the hubby and I have been packing up our entire life so we can move to D.C. 
We got all our things loaded into the Uhaul on Thursday and headed out on Friday after school ended. We got 80 miles and the transmission blew. 
We waited on the side of the road for 4 hours for Uhaul to send a tow truck that took us to the nearest hotel, which was in the direction we were headed. We wake up the next morning to find out that now we need to be towed 1 hour in the wrong direction because that's where the nearest Uhaul store is that carries the truck size we need. 
So we get there and guess what?! We have to move all our things out of the broken Uhaul and into the new Uhaul by ourselves. Nobody even offered to help. Oh, and did I mention it was the hottest day of the year!? 
My sweet hubby did most of the work and killed himself doing it. Around 4 in the afternoon we were ready to go. We made it to our destination that we were meant to be at the day before. 
Now to today's travels. We hit the road at 8 in the morning. Drove for almost 5 hours and then we get a flat on the Uhaul in the middle of Nevada. It's 111 degrees outside.
I'm done with Uhaul. We have been on the phone with them for the past hour trying to get a refund so that we can use another company that will move our belongings for us. 
Please save yourself the trouble and use a different company. 
Here's hoping for a better rest of the day and trip!
God Bless

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