Teaching: Weekly Lesson Planner that I Found!

I just love organization. I don't care what we're organizing, I'm there! My house at this moment doesn't reflect that skill, but I'm using the excuse that we're moving. 
When it comes to teaching I am SUPER organized. I must have everything in the right spot and in a cute binder/case/box/etc.
In a few weeks I am going to be out of the classroom all week long. Thankfully I'll have the same sub all week, but I wanted to make the plans better than what I have done before and where I wouldn't want to throw my computer against a wall after typing them out for hours.
I went searching on TeachersPayTeachers for a free weekly lesson planner. I stumbled upon THIS beauty and fell in love! I downloaded it, made it into 2 documents (one for each page), and then set them as backgrounds in PowerPoint. 
Now, you may be asking, "Why PowerPoint?" Well let me tell ya! I have used Word for all my document making needs since middle school and I have had such trouble, but dealt with it because I didn't know any better. Then one day I'm surfing the web and come across this tutorial for making a document using PowerPoint. I was forever changed! PowerPoint allows you to move text boxes, objects, etc around in the document without everything moving and getting messed up. 
Here is my final product. 
I used Kevin and Amanda's font Pea Natalie for the text. Just download the font and install it on your computer. If you have any questions on how to use PowerPoint for your document, how to install the font, or just want to chat please leave a comment or email me!

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Enjoy & God Bless!

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