etsy: Mother's Day Weekend etsy Sellers Sale in Carmel, CA...

On Saturday morning we loaded up the car with etsy goodness and headed on down to Carmel for the Mother's Day Sale! There were around 14 sellers with their tables set up. The hubby helped me set up a mock table the day before so we knew what it should look like the day of. He also stayed the entire time on both days. What a sweetheart.
I sold a ton of merchandise and made a few contacts for in-store wholesale selling. :]

My outfit the first day. Finally wore my lace dress with lime green slip.

With my table.

Table set-up.

While we were there I bought a few pieces from the other booths. I am in love with this new leather name bracelet.

And apparently I like my name because this OTHER bracelet came in the mail a few days ago, so....

Oh, and speaking of Mother's Day, here's my mommy with her present from the hubby and I. Brand spankin new Coach purse in a design that is SO her! Check out her blog {that I designed} here!

My etsy shop is up and running again with a ton of items. I might put it on vacation while we are moving across country. But, until then, ENJOY!

God Bless!
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