Life: Finally under control...I think...

Life seems to be coming together. I've got all my school stuff together, life stuff together, and soon etsy stuff together. :]

Here are some pics of how life is going...

1. My husband decided a while back that he was going to use this cute plush zebra, who we lovingly call Zooey, and hide her every night before we go to bed. I find it super cute and at the same time super annoying. :] The other night I found her on my vase on a hanging shelf. What a weirdo!

2. I have this really bad habit of twirling my hair. ALL. THE. TIME. It's to the point where I think I might be going crazy. Thankfully I have a ton of hair and when some falls out from twirling for hours I still have a full head of hair. Timmy and I were watching TV the other night and he saw me twirling my hair, so he picked up a few strands and started twirling it with me. I guess he felt left out.

3. I've been stalking this hair tie designer for a while. Her shop is called Knotieties and I adore her stuff. I finally bought some of her stuff from one of her Monday night sales that she does from her Facebook account. They came in the mail earlier this week and I have been wearing a few each day!

4. We took school pictures the other day and they finally came in. The teachers always get an ID to hang on their lanyard. I just love how this years photo came out so I thought I would share. AND yes I am still married. They put MS. instead of MRS., oh well. :]

5. This was my favorite part of this week. I received my first apple of the year from one of my students. She was so sweet and said she just thought I needed a red apple for my desk. I love my kiddos.

I hope y'alls week was as sweet as mine.

God Bless

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