DIY: Framed Key to Our 1st Place Together

Tim and I have been married for over a year now and it has been wonderful. I have a love/hate relationship with living in California, though.

I love the weather here, my job, our place, the surroundings.

But, we are 2,000 miles away from home. I get homesick a lot, but I am reminded daily that I want to be here. I want to be where my husband is. And for right now we are here.

Our "apartment" is so cute. I love how small (I like to call it nooky, but Tim doesn't like when I call it that) and homey it is. We don't have a stove/oven, but we made do by buying a mini burner thingy and a countertop oven. They have saved our lives.

I was thinking the other day that once we leave this place we will probably never be back. We might visit for a vacation here and there, but never really come back and enjoy this area the way we have for over a year now.

I wanted to remember our stay here (besides the thousands of photos I've taken). So, I made a cute little frame with the key to our place in it. That way no matter where we go next we will never forget our time in California.

So here's how to make one for your home.


  • small frame (they just happen to have some right now in the Michael's so-called dollar section...that's where I got mine)

  • hot glue gun

  • scissors

  • scrapbook paper OR Photoshop to make the background

  • a spare key to your house

  • spray paint OR any paint

1st I made the background in Photoshop elements. I put in the dimensions of the frame and got to work. I picked out a cute background and added the sweet text at the bottom. Now, if you don't have Photoshop then all you have to do is use scrapbook paper OR any paper for that matter and cut it to fit the frame.

Then you will need to put it in the frame. I then spray painted my key with the spray paint that I had leftover from another project. Once dry I hot glued it to the outside of the frame (the glass part).

And TADA! You have just made a memory!

Please comment with any other DIY projects you would like to see.

God Bless!


I learned how to make the watermarks on my photos by using this tutorial!

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