Oh for the love of scrapbooking!

Well, as some of y'all might know--when I put my mind to something, I get it done--right there and then. So, I bought this scrapbooking kit and got all the pictures and scraps of memories together and was going to take my time. HA! I spent all day yesterday mulling over it and placing everything exactly where I wanted it. I completed all of January and February, and I'm starting on March--since, you know, it just started! :]
Here is what I have done so far--and I love it!

The binder is so cute and BIG!

They suggest in the little handbook that you add regular clear sheets to the book for everyday things!

I even put all of Timmy's letters in the clear sheets!

One of my 1st grade students from last semester gave me a valentine with my "new" name on it. Ms. Halender! HA!

On those colored cards I wrote about all the times that Timmy has called since he has been at BMT!

And the most recent event was our nephew, Peter, walking. All I took was video--so I wrote about it!

As you can see--I love it!!! And here is the website that you can go check it out and buy it at!
I am in love!

On another note, Timmy sent a letter to the church about how BMT is going and how much he misses the church and its people. Our pastor read it to the whole church and is going to post it so that others can read the news. Timmy is so sweet that in his time of writing to family, he pulls out another sheet and jots down how he feels for the church. Oh I love that man!

1 week and 3 days!! WHOOP!

This verse goes with how Timmy was being selfless during his letter writing privileges. God is so good!

God Bless

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