Bought myself a toy!

So, I was talking with Tim about how we needed a nice, professional quality camera for when we start our marriage. He was all for it and we had decided that we would get one when we got to California. Well, I was looking at the camera I wanted (Nikon D3100) and it was on sale. There is only 5 1/2 weeks until we go to Tim's graduation and I thought that was enough time to read the manual, become familiar with the camera, and have some practice. I/We want to have good pictures to look back on during this time in our lives (Air Force). So, with the help of mom and dad, Mom and I trucked on over to Best Buy in the cold to get my camera. It is awesome and probably the best purchase I have ever made. I have already learned so much and read enough "new photographer" blogs to keep me up-to-date for a long time.

UPDATE: I have been writing Tim a letter almost every day and praying that he is safe constantly. Well, last Sunday evening he called!! It was the best phone call of my life! His voice made everything that was wrong, right!
I'm hoping that he calls tonight, but we will see. It all depends on how well his flight does this past week. :]

Other than that everything is good. I started my job at the elementary school as an Academic Tutor this past week. Shadowed one student most of the week and am looking forward to some different work this coming week. We had no school on Friday because of the weather conditions (which were fine, but I'm not complaining). :]

God Bless
hehe :]

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