Best week EVER!

So, as everyone knows, Tim is at Basic Training for the Air Force in San Antonio. I will be in San Antonio in 3 weeks and 5 days for his graduation. I got a call from him on Saturday! It was great and sweet. He sounded so much better. Then on Monday I received another call. He was calling about business stuff, but it was still nice to be able to wish him a happy valentine's day and one month anniversary. We were able to talk for about 10 minutes. THEN, about a few hours later he called again to ask me my social security number. Did you get that? 2 phone calls in one day! Jeepers. You can believe that I was completely on cloud 9 billion.
Then on Wednesday I received my new driver's license (with my new name on it), a wedding present, our passes to Timmy's graduation, and a sweet letter from Timmy. Best! Mail! Day! EVER!
AND then yesterday my wedding photos came in the mail. They are beautiful and perfect memories. I am posting them on Facebook and sending them to Walgreens so that I can complete my wedding album. Abby was a great photographer. You can check out her work here!

This week has been wonderful and the pick-up that I needed.

Best day of my life 1-14-2011

God Bless!

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