I can't believe that it is already 2011.
So many things have happened in the last three months. Where to start?

  1. I finished my student teaching at the elementary school. I had a great time with the teacher and the students. I can't wait to have my own classroom. Teaching is so fulfilling and is probably one of the funnest things I have ever done.
  2. Then, I graduated from Texas A&M after 4 1/2 years. Pretty good, huh? I was able to see some friends that I left in April and my aunt who came down from Abilene to see me walk.
  3. Tim joined the Air Force. He has been saying that his degree in Criminal Justice is about as useless as a degree in English. He was having trouble finding a job fresh out of college and it just wasn't what God was showing us. He did a lot of research and decided to talk with some recruiters in the military. He fell in love with the Air Force and the recruiter there came to love Tim. Because of this change in career, he had to take many different tests and on one he scored high enough that they are going to teach him a "tough" language in.....drum roll please......Monterrey, California! I can't wait! AND this change in career also meant that he would be shipped out come January 17th and that meant that....
  4. We needed to get married. So,.....in 6 weeks we planned our wedding. We got married last Friday, January 14th. It was magical and everything that I have ever wanted. I was so sad afterwards because I wanted it to last forever. That night Tim and I went on our honeymoon to San Antonio. We spent three fabulous days at a Bed & Breakfast down from the Riverwalk. On Monday, I dropped Tim off at the hotel where he would stay with the other military boys before they were sent to their bases the next day. It was sad and the honeymoon was great. Tim will be at Lackland Air Force Base until March 18th when he graduates from basic training. He will not be able to contact us until about week 5. I, however, can send him as many letters as I want. :]
  5. And now I am a Hollinger. It has been something I have been waiting for for almost 4 years. It is a great feeling to know that I am married to the man I love. I have a partner in life. I can't wait to start our family and grow old together.
  6. AND..I know, you are thinking, "There's more??" Yes there is....I got a job as an academic tutor at the elementary school that I student taught at. I am starting this week.
God is so great and is providing for Tim and I in so many wonderful ways.

Love you all and God Bless!

P.S. There will be MANY pictures to come in the upcoming posts!

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