Game Wardens and Shadow Boxes!

Howdy all. Well, Tim and I have been super busy. We were in San Marcos/San Antonio this past weekend. Part of the Texas Game Wardens recruitment process is the physical readiness test. This test requires you to do so many
push ups, sit ups, laps on the track, laps in the water, and shooting a gun steadily in particular times for each. Tim, of course, met all the times. The only down-side about this test was that it was in San Antonio. So we went to San Marcos on Saturday and stayed with his sister, Libby, at her apartment. We got up bright and early on Sunday morning to be at the field/pool by 8 a.m. in San Antonio. Tim and 60-some men and women were there + a few spectators (me :]). He did very well and I am SO very proud of him. The next part of the process is the local game warden contacting him about information for a background check. Hopefully this will be in the next few weeks.

On a more decorative note, I have a new shadow box. YAY! Mom got me addicted to shadow boxes a few years ago, along with domes, and I have just been acquiring them ever since. So, we were at TJ MAXX, again I know, and we saw them. The cutest shadow boxes. Mom and I both got one. The boxes are the same, but the trim on each was different. I am always going at it, so I had mine decorated as soon as we got home. Moms on the other hand hasn't been touched! :]

Here it is finished.
The picture of the little girl is mom when she was four years old. The necklace has purple stones and the little slips of paper are all different. Basically, a bunch of knick knacks that all looked like they went together put into a shadow box. They are pinned on so I can always change what's inside!

Well, that is all for now.

Have a fabulous night everyone!

God Bless!

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