My Extremely Small and Extremely Packed Room!

My family and I have lived in the same house for almost 16 years, and in that time I have managed to acquire tons of knick-knacks and furniture that I plan on using in my future home. But, my room is the size of a tuna can, small and crammed full! In my early teens I was an obsessed N'SYNC fan, therefore my walls were covered in their posters and memorabilia. But, I hit 8th grade and saw the light--N'SYNC is SO not high school. From then on I have had pepto bismal pink walls and continue to decorate my room everyday!

Here are some photos to get you educated on my style (no order, of course):

My zebra rug that completes the room!

The zebra mirror that I just adore. Target has some cute things in their $1 and $2.50 section!

The wall next to my bed, which happens to have the only window in the room on it! Love my hearts and pink tins!

This is my "art" wall. There are pieces that I got for cheap somewhere (Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, etc.). See the pink wall!! The mess that is under the wall is a couch covered in clothes and projects that I am working on. The couch was my great-grandmothers and I just adore it and its uniqueness!

I got this dome at an antiques store one vacation and it was like $10, but the booth was having a super sale of 90% off everything, so I ended up spending a buck on it. It was an awful brown color and I decided just recently to paint it this pretty turquoise that mom happened to find at Wal-Mart!

This case was red and very country, and well, that just isn't me. So, I painted it black with turquoise on the inside! The handle is a ribbon with a prism hanging from it. The lime inside is covered in green glitter and the necklace/earring set was a great-aunts which I will be wearing on my wedding day! It looks great in there, doesn't it?!

My grandparents recently closed their antiques shop and while I was there cleaning and helping my mom asked if I wanted this tall shelf. Uh, YES PLEASE! I need more storage in my small room. Well, with the help of Tim and his "decorating" skills he managed to get it to fit at the entrance of my room. It is working great. I got all my books on it as well as knick-knacks. Here is a picture of my great-grandmother (couch lady) when she was young. Isn't she beautiful?! There are two butterflies there that are hanging from the ceiling thanks to Hobby Lobby!

Well, my time in College Station is over until December graduation, but I am still a hardcore Aggie! WHOOP! My boss gave me this A&M cross when I left in April. I love it and it looks great at the door. I see it every time I leave my room.

In December Tim and I got engagement pictures taken so that we could hand them out as gifts to the family. They loved them and so did we. This is the one that I kept. Didn't know where to stand it in my room, so I tied it around the church pew along with the silver wreath. I think it looks fantastic. It is the first thing you see as you walk into the room.

I don't know how I acquired this cute piece, but I have had it for a long time. The design is unique and rustic with a touch of turquoise.

Another piece that I got from my great-grandmother was this baby picture of my mother. It is my favorite thing in the entire room and it is on the wall at the head of my bed. Above it is a "celebrate" sign that I just bought at TJ MAXX for cheap cheap cheap! I love the cheap section!

This mirror must hate me for the paint job I did on it, but it won't have to look that way for much longer. It might be pretty black soon! And yes, that is another mirror leaning on it at the floor!

I got this yellow/silver metal tray at one of my moms estate sales. My mom said that I should hang it on the back of the bookshelf. I love it there. It is metal and magnets stick to it! AWESOME! It is a creative way to organize your life!

I bought this cute shadow box at Michael's in the cheap section and added the "me & u" letters with pins. Cute and sweet!

Mom bought these love signs at Hobby Lobby for my wedding. Until the wedding day comes I decided to display them in my room. The bonus is that they are glittered!!!! Love glitter!!!

Again, these pictures are in no particular order, so here is the inside of the dresser that you will see pictures of in a bit. A lady painted it for my a few years back. My name was put on the inside. This piece was also used by my mother when she was younger. I love hand-me-downs!

Here is the front of that dresser. She did a great job, but it won't be this cutesy forever!

Here is a picture of that wall and all the decorations. As you can see I love my COLORS!

On top of the dresser there is a cute white shelf that I have filled with goodies such as these. Love my lamp with purple flowers and the orange vase that got at a thrift store for nothing!

This is my desk area. I love that my favorite pieces are where I can see them when I am needing inspiration!

This is where the magic happens. This desk was also painted by a lady we know. She did a great job. It is painted on every side and there is something different on each side as well!!!

While I was volunteering at the elementary school during May, the teacher that I was helping let me make copies of ALL her material that she has acquired since she started teaching three years ago. Well, where was I supposed to put all that stuff?! I went to Office Depot and they had these super cute damask boxes that could hold folder. So I bought purple folders to put inside them. Each box is a different subject filled with materials for the beginning of my teaching career. Isn't that fantastic!?

I painted this cork board back in high school and have just been poking things on there ever since. The hot pink boa is a nice touch, right?!

Mom bought Tim and I this "shower" curtain a while back because our "colors" are damask! HA! Well, I took it out of the bag the other weekend and found out that it isn't a shower curtain, but just a long curtain by Waverley that she got on eBay for nothing! I decided to use it as a "door" for my closet. Doesn't it look awesome!?

Here we are, back to the bookshelf! This is a new collection that I am starting, wedding cake toppers! They keep showing up in my room. I am hoping to use each one at my wedding, but we will see how I can get them in there without Tim noticing! HEHE!

All those magazines are keeping that bookshelf steady! The "LOVE" word I got at Target in the $1 section during v-day season!

Back to the dresser. I just love this blue candlestick. Every time I look at I just want more and more of them. The black jewelry box that it is standing on wasn't black until about a week ago. It used to be very girly and flowery. But I think it looks prettier now more than ever!

I got this sign when I got the "celebrate" sign at TJ MAXX in the cheap cheap cheap section!

Here is one of the "Love" signs on my white birdcage in the bathroom. I can't wait to use this in my own home!!

My grandmother asked if I wanted these two pieces when they were closing the shop and I couldn't say no! They are just too cute and work great as my bedside extra table for now!

Mom bought this orange gaudy chandelier a while back and we decided to put it in my room above my bed. IT completes the room. Ha, along with the paper lanterns from Hobby Lobby!

Ah, the bookshelf again. This is one of my favorites. I love how all the blacks, whites, and turquoises come together. Good job Charlotte!!! I decorated that "key" piece myself! Thank you modge-podge!

Another shelf that has a lot of lime in it! Isn't that green mannequin hand wonderful!?

And the last shelf, which isn't much, but that cute kid up there is Peter. Love him!

Hope you enjoyed my cramped room!!
I'll be sharing more pictures of different things that I've made or bought or something in the near future!!

God bless!

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